World's oldest whisky auction

On April 4th you have your chance to bid on one of the rarest bottles of whisky in existence. This 1937 vintage of Glenfiddich only had 61 bottles of it originally, but because of import laws, they had to make a special 750ml bottle. This is the only one in that size left. Only 3 other bottles from that lot exist, but in different bottle sizes.

The bottle, from Cask843, has survived World War II, terrible shows like "My Mother the Car," the death of Elvis, and Britney Spears. The last alone making it nearly priceless. It'll be interesting to see what it actually goes for. If I ever bought a bottle like this I don't think I could ever get the guts to drink it, just way too much uniqueness to pop it open.

Glenfiddich to Auction the World's Oldest Bottle of Whisky - [BusinessWire]


Anonymous said…
I'm always really impressed whenever I see liquor this old up for auction. It astounds me that no one has yet drunk it and that it somehow survived World War II. I wonder if they intentionally aged it for 64 years or completely forgot that this cask had been sitting around. The latter's been known to happen.

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