Bartender Weekly

If you took a porn movie director and asked him to make a regular vlog about bartending, then you'd probably end up with Bartender Weekly. So yeah, it's like a porn. Except without nudity, sex, and the annoying shots of the guy's face right in the middle.

It's a weekly video of drinks and bar type things for what looks like the home bartender. It's definitely fun to watch from an entertainment standpoint and it looks like they're picking up steam, though I fail to understand why anyone would make a chocolate martini without any chocolate shavings and measure the ingredients in all their drinks so precisely.

It's clearly written from the point-of-view of what a college drinker thinks is upscale, ie. "Bombay Sapphire is the best" I'm pretty sure that the host is drunk during tapings too, which wins big points in my book.

Bartender Weekly Vlog - []


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