Coors is making things colder

Coors is out to destroy heat this Summer with its line-up of new reduced temperature beverage delivery system technology.

You like that? I knew that you would.

The items:
- Stay Cold Glassware: This is a dual-paned glass that stops the heat from your hand from affecting the temperature of your beer. You'll see this one being delivered to bars and restuarants at the beginning of May

- Cold Wrap Bottles: These bottles have a reflective wrapper around the bottle that will reflect the heat from your hand, thus keeping the beer cooler for longer. Also available this May.

- Coors Light Plastic Bottle Cooler Box: This box contains 18 16-ounce plastic bottles and the box doubles as a cooler that you can throw ice in. Perfect for those last minute trips to the beach.

Okay, maybe they're not perfect, but at least *someone* is doing something interesting when it comes to beer.

Coors Targets Cold for Summer - [Just-Drinks]

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