Diesel jeans and wine

Okay, so expensive clothing and stain-making beverages are just drawn together. I never spill wine on the free t-shirt I got for applying for a job at Quizno's at some job fair, but I will spill everything out there on my custom-tailored shirts from various San Francisco shops that I buy for work.

Despite this unholy matching, Diesel jeans is now in the winemaking business. Their new label sells for US$213 to US$267 per bottle and comes in three varietals.

The three wines are Bianco di Rosso, a Chardonnay, Rosso di Rosso (Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon) and Nero di Rosso (Pinot Nero).

Though they are still striving to gain a better sense of terroir (which should please the Fermentation crowd), they realize they're not there yet. Renowned oenologist Roberto Cipresso, who is overseeing the production, says they're about 30% there.

Diesel fashion launches label wines - [Decanter.com]

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