Justincase - Mobile Bar

This mobile bar can be completely setup in under 3 minutes, allowing you to bring the party anywhere you damn well please. If I do so say my damn self.

No tools, no screwdrivers, no annoying little pieces to lose that make the entire bar not work. Just a simple, light, easy to assemble bar that allows you to focus on much more important things, like making those Cosmo's and Daiquiri's with umbrellas in them for your next football tailgate party. Nothing says "Kick Some Ass Local Professional and/or College Sports Team!" like a Daiquiri with an umbrella in it.

It even has some sexy options you can purchase on your Justincase, like an illuminated front screen, a sink, and a beer tap. Go! Go! Go! You'll be so popular!

Pricing starts at US$3,150 and go to around US$5700, depending on the add-ons you want.

Justincase Mobile Bar - [Product Page]
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