The Modern Drunkard Convention

Listen to me now and hear me later. You're probably going to go to Vegas this year at some point and get absolutely plastered to the point that you're wondering why that Stripper beat you up and what the hell is that smell coming from your belly-button?

Why not go and do all these things during the 3rd Annual Modern Drunkard Magazine convention in downtown Las Vegas? That's right. Old school! DOWNTOWN!

Oh sure, it'll have the things you expect from Vegas. Like the bars, the clubs, and the guys who will drop $1000 an hour at a craps table but then wait in line for 3 hours to get a comp at the $12.99 buffet.

But it'll also have live bands, liquor olympics, booze tastings, and you'll get a poster and shirt. All for $49! Some people pay that for a shirt alone!

The 3rd Annual Modern Drunkard Convention - [Modern Drunkard Magazine]


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