The Proper Manhattan

So, the other night I'm sitting at a watering hole and watching this guy order a Manhattan and then complain to the bartender that it had bitters in it. She was pretty new and he was loudly protesting, "I've been drinking Manhattan's for 12 years, they don't have bitters in them!"

The guy was bumming her out, so I pulled up the Webtender on my Treo and showed her that she had no reason to worry, she was doing things right. I then proceeded to chat with the guy and slowly let him know of his error. "I've been drinking them wrong for 12 years!" he exclaims. Much mirth and merriment ensued.

The venerable mixologists over at The Spirit World have done a fantastic write-up on this oft misunderstood drink and includes how to make it properly (with bitters) and just how enjoyable it can be. If nothing else it makes it so you can order a unique drink and seperate yourself from the masses of vodka martini's out there.

The Manhattan Cocktail - [The Spirit World]


Anonymous said…
Heh. That's pretty funny.

I probably would've done something similar, though I'm reluctant to pay for any data usage on my Treo. :)

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