Quick Hits

I went out last night and got to taste some of the stuff I hadn't had a chance to previously. To Wit:

- Tasted Roth Grape Vodka. I think the only way that the stuff would be anywhere near decent tasting would be if you heated it up like they do with bad sake and shoot it. Seriously, everyone talks about how their vodka is derived from grapes or potatoes, Roth Vodka is clearly derived from ass. Someone may shout out that it's an acquired taste, I would rather not acquire this one.

- Wasabe Vodka. VERY good. If you like Wasabi at all, you'll love this stuff. Very gentle flavor, not overpowering at all.

Had a few good bourbons too. I'm really starting to like this stuff more and more. A lot more complexities than the vodkas I've been drinking. A very nice change, though it takes someone with some pretty good knowledge to get you turned on to it properly.


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