Sake Sommelier (and Wine X)

The sheer amount of sake's out there bears out the fact that this is bound to happen. Someone finally has the title of "Sake Sommelier."

The imcomprehensibly awesome Wine X Magazine has an article about Eric Swanson, the MGM Grand's Sultan of Sake. I made up the title myself, but I'm sure if he ever read it, that he'd quickly change his business cards.

Eric seems like a cool guy, except for his disdain for the Sakebomb. He clearly doesn't get it. We don't do Sakebomb's because it gets us drunker, or to mask the taste of the swill they serve as hot sake. We do Sakebomb's because we love the sound of our fists hitting the table, the fizz that comes as the tiny glass drops into the beer, and the chug fest that quickly follows. It's not the taste. It's the ritual.

Barring that, it's a good interview and Wine X's new site is everything you'd wish for in a snob-free (mostly) magazine. The wit of Maxim, the intelligence of the Harvard Business Review, and the topics that you can't help but love. Where else will you get an article on drunk women and a Tapas recipe in the same magazine?

Head on over and subscribe right away. When you sign-up mention the Martini Lounge. This will do absolutely nothing for you whatsoever, but it might get me a free subscription.

Good Karma - [Wine X Magazine]


Anonymous said…
How could he hate sakebombing? That's what got me through half of college.

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