White wine recipe

If you want me to link to you, there's no better way than posting simple recipes that are yummy and what wine to pair it with.

Frequent commenter, Mike from Days That End in "Y", has put up two recipes of his own creation doing just that. The recipes include steamed mussells in white wine sauce and poached salmon with wasabe and black pepper. Both recipes look relatively simple with a huge payoff of taste. Though it'd be nice if he told me specifically which wines to pair it with (hint, hint), he gives you an idea of what to get so you can match it to your taste a little better.

The site has at least one thing every day that I want to link to. Be sure to add it to your RSS.

Two seafood recipes with white wine - [daysthatendiny.com]


Mike said…
I admit that I'm not much of the sommelier, so "white wine" will have to do. :)

The mussels though definitely go well with a light Belgian ale.
Rick Dobbs said…
I'll have to try your recipes this week and append some wine recommendations.

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