BrewZer Lager

Let's say that you have 10 minutes right now, but you know that you'll be wanting a tasty micro-brew in 21 days.

The BrewZer is the mini-micro-brewery that allows you to throw in the ingredients for a great beer then does all the work while you sit and wait and think about how tasty a beer will be in 21 days. It comes with a pack of ingredients that allows you to make your first 10 pints of 4.5% abv beer.

Their clever motto "Cheap beer that doesn't taste like piss" and extensive FAQ can be seen at the site.

BrewZer Lager - US$32.50 - []


stormin177 said…
Great even after 18 days
"Could not wait any longer" and my German Shepherd SHADOW loves it as well

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