Carnival of Drinking: Tell us your best energy drink story!

The Carnival of Drinking is mine to host! MINE! Things are going to start happening to me now!

The next Carnival of Drinking is all about energy drinks and alcohol. Tell a story about the time in Las Vegas when you drank so much Vodka/Red Bull that they found one of your kidney's in the fountain at Bellagio. Or give us your best recipe for making Rockstar energy drink taste...not bad. Hell, post a picture of you lining up some Four and SoCo shots with those male strippers that your girlfriend sent to your bachelor party as a joke.

It's your Carnival. Your story. Who am I to stop you from telling it to the world?

The deadline for submissions is June 11. That's pretty soon! Better start writing! All submitted stories will be posted on June 12. Considering that we have very low standards and no editorial staff, it's a great way for you to be published to the world! YOU HEAR ME? THE WORLD!

You can submit your story by going to
The Carnival itself is at


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