Chardonnay is still #1

Most people on the West Coast have taken to an ABC motto, Anything But Chardonnay.

However most of the rest of the wine-drinking U.S. disagrees with it apparently. According to a recent AC Nielsen report, Chardonnay gets top honors with Merlot coming in second.

The wine blogs and their associated snobbery have been so caught up in Pinot's thanks to recent popularity that they forget that there may be something out there that people are actually buying. Pinot Noir did grow to #4, but still behind White Zinfandel.

It's a shame too that there's not more coverage of Chard's and Merlot's, because most Pinot's are pretty much alright, but there are a lot of really bad Chardonnay's and Merlot's out there alongside some GREAT ones. Would be nice if the wine blogs helped their readers navigate the pitfalls of these two great varietals and help them enjoy something more than what a movie recommended.

Chardonnay remains the top-selling wine in US
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