Cuervo launches flavored tequilas

Jose Cuervo is launching 3 flavored tequilas in order to better expand their tequila market. The three flavors - Citrico, Oranjo and Tropina - are based on a silver-style tequila and uses natural flavors to enhance it. Cuervo Citrico is made with natural flavors of lime and other citrus fruits; Cuervo Oranjo contains natural flavors of orange and other citrus fruits; and Cuervo Tropina is a blend of pineapple and other tropical fruit flavors.

Probably the perfect shot of tequila for people who may not be big fans of tequila. Good stuff is worth sipping, but this stuff is made to be knocked back. Should be available in most stores now.

Jose Cuervo Flavored Tequila - US$16.99 and US$18.99 - []


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