EuroCave Vin au Verre Wine Dispenser

For some reason this thing makes me flash back to Steve Martin's "The Jerk" where he has a 5 gallon wine dispenser that looks like your typical Sparklett's water cooler.

This thing is not for wanna-be's though. It holds 16 bottles of wine and can serve 8 of them at a time. It uses Nitrogen to keep the wines in just-opened form and is refrigerated in order to keep them all at the right temperature.

Of course, the $4,495 price tag probably means that you'll only be able to afford to fill it with whatever's on special at Trader Joe's, but at least you'll look like an innovator.

EuroCave Vin au Verre Wine Dispenser - $4,495 - [Wine Enthusiast]
via Luxist


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