Get drunk quick with diet drinks

Hey, not everyone can go out and get drunk on $12 martini's these days. That's almost 4 gallons of gas!

A new study shows that you can drunk quicker if you take that rum and Coke and turn it in to a Rum and Diet Coke. The story is that your stomach empties out the diet drink faster because it digests faster thanks to the artificial sweetener. Sugar adds to the digestion time and makes it so that you absorb things slower. They don't say just how much higher the Blood Alcohol Level got on the diet drink, but they do say it was "significantly higher."

So, if you're going out that night before payday and want to make a go of it but without all the green to make the scene, go diet. Sure, it'll taste like ass and you'll look like you're a subscriber to Details magazine when you order, but at least you'll get drunk quick.

Artifically sweet cocktails speed alcohol absorption
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