Guiness will build your dream bar

Hey, you know that table you have in your house that you found on Craig's List in the free section? Then you brought it home and put it in a corner and put a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, a bottle of Grenadine, and four glasses on then called it your "Bar?"

Yeah. I'm talking about that. It sucks. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?

Now draw up a better one, no, not one that looks EXACTLY like what you already have. Dream a little. Think of a good description and fire it off to Guiness by July 31. If it doesn't suck and happens to not suck as much as all the other entries, they'll build it for you. Not a bad deal for just creating something on paper that doesn't suck. I wonder how many more ways I can put "suck" in a paragraph?

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