Miller and Anheiser-Busch to launch caffeinated beer

Clearly the alcoholic beverage industry thought way too many people were passing out from it's products. So now everything from vodka, to gin, to beer is now being infused with caffeine, guarana, or whatever else it's going to take to keep you awake in order to allow you to drink more beer.

Miller is pushing out a pick-me-up beer under it's Mickey's brand and be called "Stinger" and A-B is doing it under the name "Tilt."

Stinger has caffeine, guarana, and taurine and come in 16oz cans (think: Rockstar energy drink). Tilt throws some ginsent in to the mix. A-B's other beer, B to the E, has the same stuff but is fruit-flavored.

Now you'll finally be able to make it through the entire greasy spoon meal after a night out partying without passing out in your eggs.

Miller, A-B to compete in caffeinated malt beverage market - [Milwaukee Business Journal]


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