Orange V Review

The folks over at Orange V vodka were nice enough to send me a bottle of the stuff in order for me to see just exactly how much it would take before I put my wife's panties on my head and ran around the neighborhood and trying to spray the neighborhood dogs with a Super Soaker.

Answer: Not much

This stuff has some great orange flavor but doesn't taste like a vitamin C pill. I had kept it in the freezer for a week or so and when it came out in my martini glass (straight) it was pretty syrupy and almost too orange-y. Once it got back to room temperature, I mixed it like a regular martini and it became probably one of the best flavored vodka's I've ever had.

It's like comparing fresh squeezed orange juice to the stuff you get in a frozen can and have to mix in 3 cans of water to get it to turn back in to orange juice. This is the good stuff.

There's really no reason to mix anything with Orange V, it has enough flavor by itself to handle the entire glass. I think the only thing I'd want to do is maybe add a little Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice and have an Orange V Cosmo.

If you're looking to buy some, it's not available in every state but their website tells you where you can get it in the area near you.

Orange V Vodka
- [Product Site]


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