Sommelier Secrets

Days That End In "Y" found an article on my own stomping grounds! Damn him for being 3 hours ahead of me.

The article in question is in SFGate and talks about sommelier secrets and how you can work with sommelier's and wine directors to get the most bang for your buck, learn some new things, and not be put off by the fact that there's a wine guru that you can talk to without feeling like an idiot.

They use a lot of quotes from Andrea Immer who, arguably, is probably one of the most approachable Master Sommliers in history, I love her. But they also talk to some locals at SF restaurants that can be a little more snooty. The bottom line though is that these guys aren't looking to just flaunt their knowledge over you, they're teachers and they love to teach. So if you let them teach, you'll both come away from it with a good time.

Sommelier Secrets
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via Days That End In "Y"
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Anonymous said…
Heh. Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been slacking off lately. That's only one of many SF articles. :) I've been too busy with other things.

However, I do have an inside track to SF. My girlfriend's a SF-native, and I'm actually there maybe around once a year or more. You'll have to recommend some of your favorite stomping grounds there sometime.

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