Square One Vodka Launches

I'm looking forward to this one.

Square One vodka is being launched in San Francisco at one of my favorite restaurants, Frisson.

Rather than use rye for some sort of whisky, they've turned it in to a vodka with high organic standards. The rye is pulled from organic-certified farms in North Dakota, then distilled in Idaho using water from the Teton mountains.

The vodka is also certified by Oregon Tilth as organic. I'm sure that you care deeply about that. You weren't sold on it until I told you about Tilth, were you?

There are two other things I like about this vodka.
  1. The label comes off easy, so you can use the cool bottle for something. Re-purposing rules!
  2. They're not trying to tell us how many times it's distilled. In fact, it's only distilled once and for only a short time. This process leaves the character and flavor more in tact.
Square One Organic Vodka Debuts - [Drinks Media Wire]
Square One Organic Vodka - [Product Site]
Frisson SF - [Restaurant Site]
Oregon Tilth - [tilth.org]


Cocktail Jen said…
Ooh, neat bottle. And thanks for the restaurant rec. I'll be checking both out soon.

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