USA Today launches wine blog

There are a few magazines out there that have some great wine writers. Mark Fisher writes Uncorked over at the Dayton Daily News and the SF Chronicle is the only daily newspaper with a wine section that publishes every day, there are others out there, but those are the two that don't suck.

USA Today has joined the fray with "Cheers." A new, daily wine blog that will start May 12 and post a bottle a day of good wine that is under $15. So, over the next year you'll see 250+ wines that are supposed to be good and cheap.

Apparently the guy is already in hot water for recommending pork with a Zinfandel to Jewish people. Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun.

You'll drink to this - [USA Today]
Uncorked - [Dayton Daily News]
SF Chronicle Wine - []



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