Wine Woot launches

For those of you still under a rock and think that it's "cool" to order an "appletini" then you may not know what is. It's a deal-a-day site that puts up a new product every night at Midnight (Central Time) for a low price and goes until it's sold out.

Sometimes the price is ridiculously low (MP3 players for 10 bucks) and sometimes it's so-so. At the very least, the site is humorous in its descriptions.

This same group has now launched wine.woot. Instead of daily the deal will be weekly, though. It will be some hodge-podge of wines like today's sampler, or a special bottle, all at a special price. I expect it will be the same though, sometimes an amazing deal, sometimes something that you can pass on.

It's being managed by a company called "Wine Country Connect" in Sonoma County, California. It's in the town of Vineburg. You couldn't make up a better name for a town to have your wine company in.

Each week, on this very blog, I will alert you to the new Woot and tell you if it's actually a good deal or not. How's that for service?

This week's deal, as expected of a launch, is absolutely amazing. It's basically 4 bottles of a pretty good wine for the price of 3. It would normally cost you $82 for these 4 bottles and they're doing it for $54. - []
Wine Woot - []
Wine Country Connect - [Company site]

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Jared said…
I ordered the wootwine, will let you know how it goes :)

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