It would seem that the wine applications are just starting to flood the market. There's Cork'd, Log A Bottle, and now which is full of AJAX goodness.

The cool thing about Winelog is that you're able to input the wine's you've tried and rate them. It then can recommend wines that you might want to try based on *other* user's recommendations. So, a little bit of recommend style in an easy-to-use format dedicated to wine.

No mobile access yet though, which is just something that is very clutch for me. I want to have that so I can be out at the shop and get my recommendations.

WineLog - []
via TechCrunch


Anonymous said…
I'm a developer at WineLog and we wanted to comment on your awesome post. We just added RSS feeds (about 20 minutes ago) -- we also have plans to make a mobile version of the site. Stay Tuned!

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