Wines from Spain Book - Received!

Thanks to an offer that Days That End in "Y" came up with, I ordered the Wines From Spain book.

This book is *really* good. It's clearly marketing material, but it's not afraid to talk about what's wrong with regions or the Spanish wine system either. It tells you which regions are still trying to gain a foothold in the world of wine as well as talking about how overly complicated the rating system has become as Spain tries to compete on a world level.

It has great information on all the territories as well as excellent examples from the wineries there with ratings and approximate bottle costs, including which distributor in the US you could buy it from.

Easily and far and away one of the best free books I've ever recieved and it rivals many of the books that you would purchase on the subject. Go get yours now.

Wines from Spain Book - Free - []
via Days That End in "Y"

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