Cognac for the masses

Cognac Ferrand has dumped it's upscale NY digs for a more central location in Houston, Texas. The cognac's main goal is to take their Landy brand and turn it in to something everyone will drink. With drinks like "French Orgasm" being pushed by the brand, they're hoping to find a market for the 20-somethings that want to branch out in their drinking tastes.

Their Landy Cognac is the opening salvo and priced well at around US$20 which is a good value for the flavor it provides. If you remember Cognac 101 I recommended the company's Amber Cognac 10-year for US$38.

Soon to be gone are the pictures from Spring Break of bikini-clad girls drinking from a bottle of tequila to be replaced with a much more sensible, well-crafted bottle with "XO" marked on it somewhere.

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