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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Drunken dialing cure

If you know me, then probability is that you've received a phone call at 3am from me expounding either on a) How great you are or b) An awesome new idea that is utterly absurd (Like the Abe Vigoda Toilet Seat).

If you know me and have not heard from me at 3am, then it is because you are wise and have not given me your phone number. I do not discriminate.

That being said LG of South Korea is introducing the LP4100 that has a little breathalyzer in it. You blow in to it and if you are too drunk, it shows a little animation of a car weaving in to traffic cones. Though I would prefer it showing some guy with his head in the toilet or waking up next to a goat, to each his own.

You can also setup users on the phone so that if you blow over a .08, you cannot dial them. So now you can make sure that your ex-girlfriend's grandma will sleep peacefully knowing you won't disturb her with late night calls of you screaming "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO HOT" in to the phone.

New Cell Can Tell If You're Drunk - []

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