Firefly Vodka

I already like Firefly because it's not trying too hard. There's nothing worse than a girl that tries to hard. Well, there are things that are worse, but that wouldn't really advance the point of this post.

Firefly vodka is all about South Carolina. It's a muscadine wine flavored vodka made from grapes grown on the SC island of Wadmalaw. It's then sent to a distillery in Florida to be made and brought back to be sold exclusively in South Carolina. They have high hopes of expanding to the entire SouthEast, but they're not like a lot of other vodkas out there that are telling us that they're selling in every corner of the world.

They are having a contest to allow drinkers to pick "The Drink of Charleston" and are proud of their South Carolina roots. Look for it next time you're in SC (which I'm sure is regularly).

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