The Healthy Martini

Pomegranate is finding it's way in to pretty much every drink out there right now. It's ruby color, slight bitterness on the tongue, and it's fruitiness that mixes well without overpowering has become a favorite of a lot of bars around the world.

The introduction of Pom pomeganate juice to the mass market has really helped push things along not only with product awareness but with a bottled version that keeps longer and makes it easier for bars and restaurants to serve.

Add to that, the release of Pearl Persephone vodka, La Pinta tequila, and the impending release of Charbay's pomegranate flavored vodka, the market is ripe for success around the drink. Oh look, I made a pun. This blog sure is clever! Tell your friends.

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article on all of this and a few recipes to help get you started. The recipes come from The Martini House in St. Helena which is a required stop anytime you're in the Napa area. A man can not live on wine alone.

Well, I take that last statement back. I don't know what I'm saying. Send wine.

Drink to your health with pomegranates - []


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