Hip Tastes Wine Club

I think people are forever and always pushing their wine clubs because, for the most part, they've already been billed for it.

You get these two bottles you've never heard of at about the same price you'd get them for at the store and you pretty much give it liberties that you wouldn't normally give because it's been paid for. It's wines that if you were trying them in a tasting room, you probably wouldn't buy. Obviously this is not always the case, but I've found it to be a decent rule.

Plus, they're just a pain in the ass to cancel sometimes.

Sommelier Courtney Cochrane has started her own wine club with the simple idea that they shouldn't suck. Knowing Courtney's taste in wines fairly well by now (I've watched her lists extensively), they won't suck. A quote from her:
It's THE BOMB for adventurous wine drinkers looking to know a little more about the wines they drink at home, and especially for those who wish to get creative with their wines and throw parties, etc.
Her first month's two bottle shipment wiil include Bacio Divino Pazzo, a Sangiovese/Cabernet blend, and La Todera Prosecco, two wines you've probably never heard of and will be ecstatic that you got to taste. The bottles are worth about $55 and the club price is $39.95. Wine.Woot has nothing on this.

Courtney's tasting notes are included, as well as pairings and some party ideas. Because that's just the kind of girl she is.

Hip Tastes Wine Club - [bottlenotes.com]
Hip Tastes Blog - [courtneycochran.com]


Gotta love Courtney's wine selections, I rely on her constantly. Just yesterday I called her from the grocery store to get specific on a wine pairing for fresh peaches and strawberries. I left with a crisp riesling as well as a great rose champagne. Needless to say I owe a lot of my "life of the party status" to Courtney. Good thing she's my sister.... ;)
Unknown said…
I'm still trying to decide which one of you two I'll call "The Hot One." ;)

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