Hotspot focus: Chicago

Chicago's bar scene is easily one of the best in America and I would rank it in the top 10 in the world. Gone are the foam parties, the huge amount of fly-by-night clubs, and the crappy DJ AM's of the world (redundant, I know).

What's left behind is a cool blend of party spots that you can go to by yourself and still spend the night with some friends. The crowds are fun, the drinks are liberal, and the warm summer nights create an ambience that's hard to beat.

The Chicago Tribune came out with 5 decent joints to get your groove on, all of them I agree with. My additions are the LakeviewBroadcasting Company for a fun night with the hipsters and Citizen Bar for it's killer wine list and amazing deck full of guys and girls that are dressed just right.

Right there are 7 bars for your week in Chicago. Let me know how it goes...

5 spots to raise your temperature - []


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