Juice box for big kids

These green juice boxes may conjure up thoughts of cold box of apple juice ready to put in your lunch box. Of course, this is Martini Lounge, so that would be a pretty weak subject to post on.

These boxes have a pretty decent Pinot Grigio in them, according to Courtney Cochran over at Hip Tastes.

The boxes contain about 1/3 of a bottle of wine (which is how much you end up drinking anyway when you open a bottle with some friends) and is made from mostly recycled stuff, reducing waste significantly. It ships in four packs.

Courtney conjured up images of sittinng around the game console and sucking down a box of Grigio or Cab. She must have really enjoyed them though because she forgot to tell us how much they cost!

The Juice Box, All Grown Up
- [courtneycochran.com]
Michael Skurnik Wines - [skurnikwines.com]

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