Lychee Liqueur comes to the US!

Yay! The awesome Lychee Liqueur that I've raved about is coming to the US!

The stuff is being sold in NY and is about to hit the CA and NY markets very soon. At $22.99 for a bottle of the stuff it's easily one of the best flavored liqueurs you can put in your bar or the cabinet in your house that you call the bar.

The flavors of vodka, cognac, lychee and guava essences, and white peach make this a unique one and is sure to get a great response when you serve it. It's being distributed by Transatlantic Spirits LLC and their marketing diretor's name is Lana Lang. HOW COOL IS THAT?

New Lichido Liqueur Brings Sophisticated Taste With a Touch of Exotica to the U.S. Spirits World
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Anonymous said…
Who would be the Brand Manager for Lichido and how do we contact ?
Anonymous said…
The person to contact is Lana Lang. You can contact her through the "contact page" on the website at, or email her directly at
Anonymous said…

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