Make your own vodka flavors

With the huge amount of flavored vodkas out there, probability is that you'll find one to your liking. But what if you don't? Or what if there's a flavor you want to capture that will remind you of something specific? Then you'll need to make your own vodka flavor. God knows a framed picture won't truly encapsulate the moment.

Modern Spirits vodka can help you do just that. They work with high-end clients to build brand new flavors for their own use. Maybe Black Truffle Vodka or Honey Lavender Vodka or whatever you can dream up. The company works with you to find a taste profile and a vodka that will match it well.

The price? The minimum order is 10 cases at US$150/bottle, so you'll be paying US$15k just to start. But what price can you put on creating your own vodka?

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via Cool Hunting

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