Mojito Madness

The Mojito has really taken off as the summertime drink of choice for the discerning warm day aficionado.

They've been sucking these things down in Miami for almost as long as there's been a Miami, thanks to the heavy Cuban influence there, but they're starting to take off all over the U.S. and in destinations abroad. The combination of ice, light rum, and the fresh minty taste just screams "refreshment."

The Miami Herald has a piece on the drink and covers it from soup to nuts, even mentioning the Mile High Mojito I posted about a few weeks ago (Was it weeks? Or days? It's all running together. So much alcohol...must...tell...others).

Right now it's the #3 most popular drink. But much like the Jefferson's, it is moving on up.

Mojito frenzy hits U.S. mainstream - []

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