Ocean Vodka - Hawaii's first vodka

Hawaii Sea Spirits is launching Ocean vodka. The vodka made from de-salinated sea water. The alcohol is distilled from corn and rye and brought in from Idaho. The sea water is taken from 3,000 feet below the surface off the Kona coast which is water from a current that originates in Greenland.

The product is just now starting to figure out distribution but should be hitting stores and restaurants soon. Plans are for it to compete with Grey Goose and go for US$35-40 a bottle.

This is actually one of the vodka's I'm more eager to try, just from a production standpoint it sounds really interesting.

Spirits of the deep sea - [starbulletin.com]
Product site - [oceanvodka.com]

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Anonymous said…
I've had a bottle of OCEAN and it blew me away! We had, in the freezer at the time, a bottle of Gray Goose, Belvedere and Kettle One and all of us agreed that it was smoother than all of them. We also had a bottle of Level and after comparing them, Level tastes like lighter fluid!

I can't wait until this hits the mainstream market next month!!

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