Overpouring at bars

That jerk of a bartender that steals money from the pockets of the owner of your favorite bar by overpouring drinks (read: My favorite bartender) is about to have Big Brother stop his shenanigans and put an end to the US $7 billion in losses.

Capton has developed a liquor monitoring software package that includes RFID enabled pouring spouts so a bar manager can see just how much of each alcohol is being poured. Understanding how a bar can stop overpouring can save the average bar around US$90,000 a year and the system only costs somewhere in the neighborhood of US$20k.

This type system is perfect (for the owner) of the type of bar that Las Vegas has. That is, one that dishes out free drinks to the sloths at the $1 blackjack table. Most hotels in Vegas already have automatic devices for the actual pour but a lot of the side bars don't and this can be a useful tool.

The system can track pretty much any drink, thereby putting an end to the heavy-pour as we know it.

Beverage Tracker Software - [Captoninc.com]
via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends

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