Promoting new drinks

Anyone who reads this, or any other, alcohol related blog knows that there seems to be a new drink coming out every day. The amount is prolific and that means that there is a lot of vying for the limited space on the wall that is behind every bartender.

Most bars just aren't big enough or do enough volume to justifying carrying everything. Sure, a vodka bar is expected to have every vodka out there and to keep up with the new ones, but what about Chili's or your local hotspot? They'll grab a few of the trendiest ones usually but will stick with the standards for the most part.

The North Jersey Media Group has an article about the Bar Show in Manhattan. A trade show that is specifically focused on products for clubs and bars. The article follows one vendor, the maker of P.I.N.K. vodka (whom we reported on a few days ago here).

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