Quench Bar

The Quench Bar has tons of super coolness for your home bar. Plenty of well-organized space, a stainless steel construction, and UV Reactive lights give off a cool blue glow (click on the picture for a bigger version). Therefore, putting stools on this bar might be a cause for concern.

"I'd like a Vox Martini with a twist please" [sits down]
"That'll be right up."
[10 minutes of conversation and an empty drink later]
"This bar is so awesome, I love the colors. But why are my legs sunburned?"
"The bar is UV reactive."
"Awesome! Let's have sex!"

Your results may vary, but I've heard of a guy this happened to.

Quench Bar with UV Reactive Panels - US$7,727 - [drinkstuff.com]
via Born Rich

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