Roberto Cavalli Vodka Launches

Roberto Cavalli makes arguably some of the hottest clothes to adorn a woman. This guy is so good that his clothes turn almost any girl in to model status. He's also got the image going for him. His strong Las Vegas/South Beach lifestyle is well known and is a cornerstone of the martini set.

So, it's only natural that he launches a vodka in the ultra-premium range that sells for US$60 a bottle.

The whole concept smacks of Ralph Lauren and his "lifestyle brand" of marketing. The concept is to put your name on certain things that can increase your image. The link between fashion and drinking is thin at best, but it's all a consumable.

The vodka was launched in Florida, New York and California, and last month distribution was expanded to Chicago, Nevada and Massachusetts. By the end of the year, Cavalli vodka should be available throughout the U.S.

Cavalli Vodka - US$60 - [Distributor's Site]


Anonymous said…
I am a bar tender in Vegas. I tried this vodka made by the Cavalli house and it is probably the best vodka in the market. Very clean and refined. I guess Cavalli has the Midas touch.

Unknown said…
Nice to see that bartender's are reading the site, that mean's something. I'm just not sure what.

Upload some pics of you or someone drinking it to our slide show!

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