This week's Wine Woot

This week's Wine.Woot is a 3-pack of Joseph Phelps Syrah from 2001 for US$69.95.

This is a good wine for drinking pretty much right when you get it. Parker gave it 89 points and I've seen it selling for anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 per bottle. has it for $19.95 but shipping is well over Woot's $5, so Woot is saving you some bucks there, unless you're shipping to somewhere on the East Coast in which case it'll be break even with Woot. Really though, shipping shouldn't be the reason I'm buying from Woot, I should be buying because the price is killer, it's just not. Okay, I'll stop complaining on that front.

Woot also mentions in their little song that Phelps' Insignia was wine of the year at one point, though it's to be noted that this is completely not relevant to this Syrah.

Joseph Phelps 2001 Syrah 3-pack - $69.96 plus $5 shipping - []


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