"Two-Buck Chuck" as the state wine of California

The San Francisco Chronicle is hailing the inexpensive Charles Shaw wine as the "Official Wine of California."

Their argument is that it's popularity is the very essence of democracy and shows the industry that a wine doesn't have to just appeal to wine snobs in order to do well. Even though the wine only sells at discount market Trader Joe's, it's had the proverbial hockey stick of sales growth.

From the article:

California wines represent democracy. They showed the world that good wine can be young, flavorful and unpretentious. They showed consumers that they didn't need Ph.D.s to choose a good wine.

In that spirit, we'd like to recommend Two-Buck Chuck. Not only is Charles Shaw the reigning prince of inexpensive, drinkable wine, but he has brought an entire new market into the industry.

Wine wars - [sfgate.com]


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