Two wine deals has lot's of great samplers that are well chosen and priced right. Their Bordeaux sampler is full of Frenchy goodness. The fun deal they have though is the surprise sampler. They give you 6 bottles of their choice of wines that had previously sold out but they found a few extras. The price is right at $92 and shipping is only a penny.

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One of my new resources for finding good wines is Best Cellars. Rather than list wines by vintage or region or whatever, they list them by flavors. Choose between fizzy, fresh, soft, luscious, juicy, smooth, big, or sweet. Click on a category and it lists wine that taste like that. Brilliant! When it asks for what state they're shipping to make sure you pick one that they actually ship to or you'll just be taken to the gift card page. The best part? All wines are $15 or less! If they don't ship to your state, at least you'll know what to look for at your local shop.

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