Victim of wine warehouse fire intent on starting over

When the Wine Central warehouse on Mare Island in Vallejo burned down last October a collective cry could be heard throughout the wine world. Well, a bigger cry than their usual whining that has now become mostly background noise.

Hundreds of great vintages worth an estimate US$100 million from top-notch wineries were completely destroyed, never to be tasted at any point in the future. The fire, believed to be set off by arsonists, changed the entire course of some wineries as they were left without significant revenues for the destroyed wines. They're still working through the insurance paperwork with adjusters to try and get customer compensated as best as they can.

Now the company is picking through the rubble, helping with the ongoing investigation, and looking to see what they can do to start over again. The hard part for these guys is not just rebuilding, but getting former clients to believe that storing off-site again is a good idea.

Victim of wine warehouse fire plans to reopen
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