Wine A Day with has created an entire business model around midnight. The latest trend is launching some sort of product at midnight at some ridiculous price and going until it's sold out or until midnight comes again.

Radcru is the latest in such activities in the meme of and its drunk stepchild

The difference Radcru has is that they're launching a new wine every night as opposed to Wine.Woot's one a week and the wine is only coming from smaller wineries, so strictly limited runs. They're using the Inertia Beverage Group's stable of wineries which include the likes of Cornerstone, Titus, Brooks, and their overall 265 brands over 313 days a year.

It remains to be seen if they will compete with Wine.Woot's mind-blowing prices (especially over the last two weeks), but it may be wines that are hard to get anyway and so pricing isn't going to be as much of an issue.

The site plans to sell it's first wine on July 10.

Wine a day from Radcru - []

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