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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bloody Mary in a box

The wine in a box resurgence has to be driving the thought of some other things coming in box format. The latest in RTD (That's industry lingo for "Ready To Drink") is the Bloody Mary.

A full, heapin' helpin' of Bloody Mary with the alcohol already in it. Perfect to keep in the fridge to help chase away the sting of the daily hangover each and every morning. You lush.

The company has already pushed out boxes of Cosmo's, Appletini's, Mangotini's, Margarita's, and Daiquiri's. Some other drinks in a box I'd like to see:

  • Cognac in a box
  • Scotch in a box
  • Dirty whore of a cheating ex-girlfriend who brings nothing to the table and I can't believe she'd date him over me, in a box.

Daily's launches RTD Bloody Mary - []

1 Comment:

Mike said...

My favorite thing is the packaging saying "Alcohol is in it!" There's just something funny about that to me.