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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Caesar's Palace and Hendrix Vodka throw a huge toga party

Those of you in Vegas on August 2 can steal the sheets of of their hotel bed and head on over to Caesar's Palace for their gigantic toga party that's being held to celebrate their 40th birthday. Hendric Electric Vodka and Vegas magazine or co-sponsoring the event that is expecting a couple of thousand people (the venue can hold 4,000) and will have Otis Day and the Knights reprising their 'Animal House' song "Shout" at a live concert in the ampitheatre. At 10pm, their massive nightclub, PURE, will open up to keep the party going. Jenny McCarthy will be hosting the event.

Of course, if you show up in a toga, you're in for free. If you're a girl and show up in a toga made from a stolen hand-towel from the Riviera hotel, I'm sure your drinks will be free as well.

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