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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Casa Noble gets Tequila of the Decade

37 Judges. 13 months. Hundreds of tequilas. One mission.

To find the tequila of the decade.

Casa Noble came out leading the pack not because of any one tequila (their Crystal is nothing short of amazing), but because their entire product line was head and shoulders above the rest.

They were judged and excelled based on their triple distillation technique, bottle presentation (The Reposado is shown), and over all product line.

The judging body, Outstanding Tequlia's of the World (OTW), gave multiple comments as to why they chose it, including "It may not be perfect, but has just too many good things to offer."

Congrats! Now they can stick this award next to their "Best of the Best Tequilas" award that Penthouse gave them.

Casa Noble Tequila Wins Outstanding Tequila Of The Decade Award - []
Casa Noble Tequila - []