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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Online wine sales blowing up

The Inertia Beverage Group, the company that was my whipping boy about, has put up a press release that's talking about the explosion of online wine sales over the last year.

They've seen growth within their own client base of wineries grow by 423% across 250 wineries with a 1400% increase in Pinot Noir sales alone. Showing that the direct-to-consumer market is really starting to take off even more so than going through someone like

They're also making sure to justify the existence of with the stat that only 7% of wines sold through their front-end were $19 or less. Though it'd be nice to know exactly how many wines they have that actually cost $19 or less vs. over $19. The 7% number could be a very good one or a crappy one.

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