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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pomegranate Schnapps

As pomegranate continues it's meteoric rise in to cocktail super stardom, the releases that involve the flavor start to get more and more varied. Soon, you'll be able to start a Pomegranate Bar, akin to a martini bar, but serving up the hard-to-eat fruit and it's related flavored drinks.

A pomagranate schnapps actually seems like a natural extension of the flavor and I'm somewhat surprised it hasn't come out earlier. This is a great alternative to keeping a bottle of Pom in the fridge as this won't spoil as quickly and you can keep it in your liquor cabinet without worrying what the taste will be like. Plus it's way cheaper than other pomegranate flavored mixers, at US$9.99-11.99 it's pretty easy to justify grabbing a bottle.

Hiram Walker(R) Liqueurs Introduce the First Pomegranate Schnapps in the U.S. - []